Finally, some improv!

I am a member of ComedySportz Indianapolis (, and I have been for just a few weeks short of ten years. With Sage’s early birth, I have not done any improv yet this year.

Tonight, though, I will be donating a performance to raise money for a friend’s speech team. (My friend, J-Co, is a teacher, not a member of the team.) You can — and should — learn more (and donate) here:

Originally, we were going to have special guest star Tara DeFrancisco from ComedySportz Chicago (among other notable venues). I was very excited about this — she is incredibly talented and phenomenally entertaining, and I have not had the opportunity to perform with her before. However, Tara will be helping some of her ComedySportz Chicago family; another member of the troupe passed away very recently, and she is assisting however she is needed.

That’s because improv, more than any other artistic medium I’ve ever encountered, fosters incredible feelings of trust and family. Many of the best friendships I’ve ever had have directly come through ComedySportz. Tonight’s match was going to be five-on-five (a normal CSz Indy match is three-on-three). I’m not sure what it will be now. But it will be my first visit with my ComedySportz family in the year 2012, and I can’t wait. I hope to write up performance notes in this blog, and I would love to answer any questions any of you have. Because CSz really is like a family, there will be times that my notes or my answers will be made with conscious effort to be diplomatic instead of brutally honest — but I could talk about improv all day and never get bored of it.

I literally have almost no idea what tonight will be like, other than it will involve performing short-form improv games with the ComedySportz format. I don’t know for sure who I’ll be performing with, what games we’ll be doing, or anything like that. That used to scare me as being rife with uncertainty. For the past several years, though, I’ve realized that it’s rife with possibility.

I can’t wait!!

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