2012 Improv Performance #1

As mentioned yesterday, I had my first ComedySportz performance of the year — a benefit for a speech team at a local magnet school. It was one of the most fun matches I’ve played in a long time.

Referee: Jon “J-Co” Colby
Red Team: Captain Claire Wilcher; Jeff Clawson; Strange/David; Chad Woodward
Blue Team: Captain Todd Kenworthy; Mike Gospel; Rick Randjelovic; Corey Jefferson
Mr. Voice: Phil Graf

My first inclination was to give you a paragraph on each of these players, to sing their praises and to give you a glimpse into how amazing it is to perform with them. However, I realized the danger of that is that there may come a time when I am performing with another player about whom I don’t have particularly strong fondness, which could make things awkward if I make a habit of creating introductory paragraphs.

So. Anyway.

Games Played:
Word at a Time Express
Four Corners
Group Therapy
Beastie Rap
Five Thingz
Sing It
Director’s Cut
It’s Not You, It’s Me
Bonus Overtime Challenge: One-on-One Rap Line

The crowd was vocal and ready to have fun, which always helps the energy; J-Co as ref kept things moving without making it feel rushed.

My strongest point: defeating the best rapper in the troupe in the one-on-one rap line. (Admittedly, he was unfamiliar with the format, but hey, I’ll take it.)

My weakest point: floundering during one of my Four Corners scenes because I know virtually nothing about Kim Kardashian.

My favorite point: there is no way to express to you the joy of watching Todd Kenworthy and Corey Jefferson as dancing, falsetto-singing ghosts.

But tell me, anyone who’s read this far: what, if anything, do you want to see from posts about improv performances? It’s often hard to show the joy of an improv show because writing it out takes out the spontaneity, and you don’t get to see the brilliant physical comedy some of these players can do. What would you want to know?

(Sorry, this isn’t exactly my best post. I’m unfocused today; it was my first day back to work. Although, fortunately, it was my last day this week; I don’t return to work “for realsies” for another week.)

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