Half her life.

As of today, half my little girl’s life has been spent in the NICU, and half has been spent at home. We’re getting pretty good at the routine, as long as we don’t expect the routine to stay exactly the same and as long as we acknowledge that some hours will be stressful. Most hours, though, aren’t stressful.

Every now and then, I have a flash of worry. What decisions should I make about her education, her participation in activities, her caregivers when Ann and I aren’t available?

But those flashes disappear quickly. I’m in love with my little Sage so much that I’m enjoying the moments we have right now.

Some things — our adoption plan, our due date, our expectations of the first two weeks of Sage’s life — turn out nothing like we had expected. But the love that I feel for her? My only mistaken assumption about that was that this love feels even bigger than I thought I was capable of feeling.

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3 Responses to Half her life.

  1. It’s gonna get bigger. Think on that, my friend.

  2. Carleen Huff says:

    Now I can truly officially say…Welcome to Parenthood!! It really is amazing…and no one can truly prepare you for the depth of love that you will feel for that precious little being in your arms….UNTIL they are in your arms!! Your heart feels like it will explode because of the amount of love you feel!!! It is this love that gets us through those difficult times….say..staying up for 3 days in a row – having to work all day and stay awake all night because your precious little is cutting their first tooth!!! But as tired as you will be…you will gladly take on that exhausted feeling because you are taking care of your precious miracle!!! Just when you think you can’t possibly love any more than you already do…tomorrow will bring an even greater amount of love and joy!! Sooo happy to hear you are enjoying EVERY moment right now!!! They are truly special moments indeed!!!

  3. hellohilary says:


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