Randomosity 2: More blog post ideas that came here to die.

  • I can’t help but wonder if I’ve posted some of this stuff before.
  • I’ll bet that one of the most annoying things for Sage having a birthday on 12/24 is that the rest of her life, if she has to answer what her birthdate is for some official form or questionnaire, someone is likely to comment “Oh, right by Christmas.” (Imagined responses include “Huh. Never noticed that,” or “No kidding.”) My birthday is on 1/18, and nobody ever points out that 14.3% of the time it coincides with MLK Day.
  • I’ll bet that if they ever made “Fight Club” into a franchise with lots of sequels, eventually they’d reach a point where they’d say something like, “The nineteenth rule of Fight Club is dues are collected on the third Wednesday of each month; extensions are granted only with approval of the Treasurer upon review of a written request submitted at least three business days before the due date (see Form 27a). The request must be written and not verbal (see Rules 1 and 2).”
  • Half the reason I want to hit the lottery is so that I can take the time to write the ideas that have been festering in my head forever. Like my mockumentary about a guy who wants to make a mockumentary.
  • Maybe I should self-publish the next book. I submitted to agents a grand total of once and just never followed up. Hmm.
  • I’m really itching to get another tattoo. After which, experience tells me, I’ll also be really itching.
  • I’m watching “24” on DVD. I’ve finished the first season and I’m about a third of the way through the second. The next time I decide to watch a series I’ve never seen on DVD, I’m going to blog it as I go. I also think I may, for giggles, blog events I’ve DVR’d.
  • If any ComedySportz people out there want to throw money at me to come to their city, take advantage of their hospitality by crashing on their couch, perform a match or two, mooch food and beverages, and then go home… well, I’m not above helping out a friend.
  • People with no scars whatsoever strike me as being either very young or very boring.
  • People with lots and lots of scars, on the other hand, are quite possibly interesting to the point of disturbing.
  • Another thing I just thought of about hitting the lottery — I would totally have my own bowling alley and Steak ‘n Shake at my house. And you would so come and visit.
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4 Responses to Randomosity 2: More blog post ideas that came here to die.

  1. Andrea Lott says:

    My mom’s birthday is on 12/26. She said she never hated it in her childhood because she always got a birthday cake and got separate birthday and Christmas presents and her birthday presents were always wrapped in birthday paper. Of course… that all changed after she met my dad… but I still make an effort to give her a separate birthday present wrapped in birthday paper and a birthday lunch or dinner on her special day and not roll it all up into one. Also, she said to people who would make snarky comments to her, “if it’s good enough to celebrate for Jesus, it’s good enough for me”. That’d shut ’em up.

  2. sinwi says:

    My brother’s birthday is 12/14, so we never put up any christmas decorations until after that (I mean, technically it is still advent, so my mom had all sorts of adventy things up). Kinda hard to do for a birthday on the 24th. He also got a little mini 1/2 birthday acknowledgement in June. Nothing big, but a birthday cake and maybe a small present. I always found this slightly unfair when young, if I wanted to open a present on my half birthday on 12/27 than my mom said I could keep one of my Christmas presents aside to open. Somehow that never really happened. 🙂

  3. hellohilary says:

    My grandma’s birthday is on Dec 26 and my mom’s birthday is on Jul 4. Two holiday birthdays. It just never seemed weird or anything. We would always get together with that grandma on Dec 26 for Christmas anyway, so we would do Christmas and then after that was done, we would get the birthday gifts out (always wrapped in birthday paper). As for my mom, we just always get together as a family for the 4th of July and celebrate at that time. It has just grown to be a “family holiday” which is quite different from other families.

    Oh also, on that side of the family, we never got soloed-out for birthday parties, except maybe when very young. We always celebrated group birthday parties a couple times a year. That was always nice. So my mom may have celebrated her birthday as early as April and as late as September and the same goes with my grandma.

  4. Betty Navta says:

    My birthday is January 8th. My dad’s was January 11th. When I was little I did get a separate party for my birthday, but somewhere around 9 or 10 I’d get a gift at Christmas from relatives and they’d tell me, “That’s for your birthday, too!” It was then that I noticed that they’d do the same for my dad. I don’t want to say my relatives were cheap, but….

    Now, because Bud’s birthday is the same day as mine – but we’re a year apart in age – we just go out for a nice dinner and a movie together and that’s very nice.

    However, you might want to do something different for Sage’s b-day as she gets older. My daughter’s bff’s b-day is December 26th and she and her family always went to Brookfield Zoo on that day to see the animals in winter. There were few folks around and they always got special attention and could ask lots of questions about the animals.

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