One handed blogging.

As long as I hold her, she’s happy. If I put her down, she fusses. Loudly.

You might think I would resent this a bit, as it definitely makes it harder to accomplish some things. But no.

Not a bit.

My daughter is happy in my arms.

(Although I will confess that I hope I can put her down without fussing before nature calls. In the words of ALF, “Mind over bladder.”)


Strange and Sage

She's up to 6 lb 6 oz now...

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3 Responses to One handed blogging.

  1. sinwi says:

    Yep, the one handed typing, you get rather good at it.

    6lbs 6 oz! Wowsa, way to go guys!

  2. improvmantra says:

    Ha! I am doing that right now. Typing one handed while “jiggling” my 6 week old daughter!

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