Some days…

Some days, knowledge and perception battle it out.

Some days, I go to bed at the end of a long day completely aware of how blessed I am, how lucky I am, and how loved I am… but sad anyway.

Some days, I go to bed at the end of a day that passed too quickly completely aware of how stressful my job is, how far away I am from a lot of my family and friends, and how many things I want are out of my reach… but content with my life anyway.

Some days, everything goes well — I wake up on time, I accomplish everything that I set out to accomplish, I find time to indulge in activities that I want to do… but one stray comment triggers a wave of sadness.

Some days, everything goes badly — I oversleep, I get virtually nothing done that I mean to (and what I do accomplish is riddled with errors), and I go to bed late because I’m trying to finish one last thing… but one stray comment gives me a deep peace.

Some days, everything I say accidentally hurts others. Some days, a casual comment I drop makes someone’s day better.

Some days, all this ambiguity is fine.

Some days, I can’t stand it.

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