What Happened

I’m an auto claims adjuster. I’ll discuss the job itself more some other time, but today, I wanted to talk briefly about what happens when I first receive a claim.

The very first thing that I do — before I look into coverage or liability or anything like that — is read what was written by the person to report the claim (the agent if they wrote it out, or the customer service rep if it was phoned in), just to find out what basic type of claim it is.

Sometimes the descriptions are very short and simple because not much else needs to be known: “Hail damage to 2003 Ford F250.”

Sometimes it’s a bit more complex: “Insured Jones was turning left on Main with a green arrow to go west when claimant Smith ran a red light on westbound Main. Smith hit brakes. Smith’s front driver’s side bumper struck Jones’s passenger side fender and front door, spinning Jones into stopped eastbound-facing vehicle belonging to clmt Brown. Jones injured. Vehicle towed…” and so on.

But sometimes, I get things like this actual documentation copied from a new claim, input by one of our customer service reps. I present, without additional comment:

what happened: “my grandson had a head ache and necka nd back pain but didnt go to the hospital. two that got hit and the one , what happened was this car stopped up ahead of this guy, then that guy hit that car, and it was a reaction, and the guy took off so we didnt get his number, actually two cars that statyed. well there were to in front of them. there was no contact with the person in the front. the only people that stopped was me and the one in front of me.”

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3 Responses to What Happened

  1. sinwi says:

    Well that clears it all up very nicely! Nice when the job lobs you a nice easy one….

  2. Tom n Cristy says:

    Oh my God. Yeah, I think I would’ve let someone paraphrase for me. Geesh.

  3. Kendra says:


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