I Guess I’ll Just Make This Up, Huh?

While I can’t necessarily prove it (I’ve lost track), I am 99% sure that it was 10 years ago today that I attended my first ComedySportz practice after being accepted into the troupe.

I really wanted to write something big and important about it, because it’s a big and important part of my life — but somehow, I couldn’t quite plan it out. And it wasn’t until just now that it occurred to me that… well… I could just improvise this post.

I could use this post to talk about some of the people who have been instrumental in my education about improv (Ed Trout; Woody Rau; Jon “J-Co” Colby; Mookie Harris; Mia Lee Bauman; Jarrod Reid; Jill Bernard; James Bailey; Patrick Short; Jeff Kramer; Dick Chudnow; Andrew Berkowitz; and so many others that I couldn’t possibly name them all).

I could use this post to talk about the games I particularly enjoy and why (Five Thingz; Director’s Cut; Shoulda Said; Good Advice Bad Advice Worst Advice; It’s Not You, It’s Me; Anything You Can Do; and dozens more).

I could use this post to talk about some of my favorite memories related to improv (my first match and how little I actually remember; my first tournament; meeting some of my comedy heroes; my first time guessing at Five Thingz; my first time reffing; seeing “Drum Machine” and realizing what ELSE was out there in improv; and of course, making any of the CSz Indy managers snort with laughter).

But as I’m writing, I realize that what I want to write isn’t about the last ten years.

It’s about the next ten years.

By this time in 2022, I want to have accomplished a few things. (We’ll see if I even remember this in ten years.)

I want to have played in or with all of the CSz cities one way or another.

I want to have developed a longform show.

I want to have done at least one solo improv show.

I want to have done at least one improv show with just one partner.

I want to have had a chance to bring Sage up during a show. (And not just to show her off.)

I want to have someone come up to me and tell me that I’m the reason they do improv. (This is obviously out of my control.)

I want to have other performers be as scared and excited to work with me as I currently am to work with some of my improv heroes.

I want to be able to look back at these ten years and realize how far I’ve come, and to have no regrets about how much effort I put in.

And finally, I want to be in a CSz tournament championship match and/or a CSz All-Star match. Winning is totally optional. I play to win, but I don’t care if I lose.


Let’s do this.

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5 Responses to I Guess I’ll Just Make This Up, Huh?

  1. Wow, totally honored to get a shout-out in your blog. You’re a rock star, Strange.

  2. Elaina says:

    Loved reading this! I love the CSz community and the many lessons it teaches and the different ways it touches and changes lives.

  3. improvmantra says:

    Improv addiction… a terrible thing. I can’t wait to get my own daughter up and acting… of course I know that she will probably hate all the things I like – isn’t that how the parent/kid dynamic usually works? “No Daddy, I don’t want to practice another He said/she said scene!”

  4. Great stuff. Good luck on all your goals. I studied improv at 2nd City in Chicago “a while ago”. It was an amazing period in my life. Improv as metaphor for life, and all.

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