The day that I had a couple days ago seems to have hit everywhere else at once today.

I know someone who is leaving a formerly beloved position with a company she loves because of unnecessary drama.

I know someone whose marriage is ending.

I know someone whose husband has lost his job, and they will no longer be able to afford daycare for their child.

I know someone whose boss has managed to screw her over at year-end review time.

And there’s plenty more like this.

Sometimes I wonder why we have kids, when we’re bringing them into a world like this.

I wonder if maybe it’s because it motivates us to try to make the world better.

Today, in the seven hours I have left, I’m going to try to make the world at least a tiny bit better for everyone I come into contact with.

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3 Responses to Helpless.

  1. curtisfrye says:

    Bring the joy! I’m having some minor work-related drama at the moment, but I made myself happier by sending small gifts to some colleagues. I do it every quarter, but the timing couldn’t have worked out better. And if anyone is in the right position to bring a child into the world, it’s y’all.

  2. sinwi says:

    And the world appreciates your attempts to pass on a little sunshine. So easy to focus on the clouds….

  3. Abigail Newhall says:

    Babies=hope…that is why people continue to have them!

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