Review: Strange Angel Barrel Roll Porter

So I started home brewing last summer. (Or perhaps, technically, it was spring.) For my first attempt, I chose a kit for a whiskey barrel porter. On the recommendation of the owner of the brewing supply shop, I added a pint of whiskey at one point in the brewing process.

During the brewing, I was surprised at the intensity of the fragrance of the hops. (One variety was “Fuggle,” and another was “Warrior.” Ann, who does not like hops nearly as much as I do, said the Warrior hops were called that because they actively assaulted your nose.) I was not going for a particularly hoppy beer, so I was concerned about the outcome — but I was pleased to discover that the hops mellowed.

This beer was smooth, with a faint but distinct undertone of whiskey. The beer was an extremely dark brown, nearly black, but it wasn’t harsh. The spiciness of the hops, as mentioned, was mellow, but when the beer was consumed with food, the bitterness stepped up a degree or two.

For a first attempt at brewing (and using a kit at that), I was very pleased with the result. It wasn’t what I would think of as a session beer; one bottle was generally enough, especially because it was best with food and it was fairly filling.

Sadly, none of you will be able to experience it. Ann and I split the last bottle of it tonight. (Unless of course anyone I gave a bottle to didn’t dare open it. In which case, give it back.)

My final note is about the name. Obviously, I don’t have a brewery, but at this point I imagine that if I did it would be called the Strange Angel Brewery. And since naming beers is a somewhat arbitrary process, I decided that I would only give beers names of things that I think are awesome. Barrel rolls are awesome.

So, yeah. Not my best blog post, but I thought it would be better than me pouting for 500 words that my beer is gone.

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One Response to Review: Strange Angel Barrel Roll Porter

  1. Lummox JR says:

    Of course if you call it the Strange Angel Brewery, sooner or later someone will call it the Strangel Brewery, which is uncomfortably close to Strangle Brewery.

    Strange Brewery on the other hand has some great comic allusions, which probably means it’s already taken.

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