Burnt Offering

After the old abandoned factory burned to the ground, it was easy to dismiss the body inside as an unfortunate vagrant – but when more mutilated bodies start turning up in fire scenes, all of Indianapolis is waiting for Detective Kimberly Webber to identify the arsonist.

In the nearby affluent suburb of Noblesville, Detective Grant Calhoun barely thinks about the string of fires. He has his own investigation to worry about: two dead, naked women posed in a clearing and found by his teenaged son Jarrett.

As their investigations deepen, Webber and Calhoun discover bizarre links between the crimes, and even deeper questions. Their personal lives are caught in the wake as they are drawn closer and closer to a dangerous, determined killer seeking to avenge a decades-old wrong with a highly specific and intricate fantasy that directly threatens the detectives’ friends and family.

This is my second book. It’s not available yet, but I’m 98% sure it will be by summer.


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3 Responses to Burnt Offering

  1. Lummox JR says:

    Well, I’m in. Normally mystery isn’t really my genre but I loved the first book, so I definitely have to give this one a go. Looking forward to reading it, as well as the next installment of Mr. E and Shiner.

    Your synopsis is definitely shorter than mine (at least my revised one), though synopsizing has never been my strong suit.

  2. Carol says:

    Can’t wait David and have several people anxiously awaiting as well.

  3. atoot says:

    I am hooked already!

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