I don’t have the brainpower to create a decent post.

I’m exhausted.

I can’t always get to sleep when I’d like to, lately (sometimes because Sage needs me, sometimes because I’m an idiot when I’m reading a good book, sometimes because I’m tired but just not sleepy). And I wake up earlier than I’d like.

I’m not taking care of myself as much as I should. Instead of reading or working on one of my hobby projects, I really ought to sleep.

Instead of blogging right now, I should sleep.

It’s 11:53 pm right now. I’m guessing I won’t actually crawl into bed until 1:00.

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2 Responses to Exhausted.

  1. improvmantra says:

    You and I are living parallel lives, my friend. Get rest.

  2. sinwi says:

    We are sometimes our worst enemy, either by sleeping when we shouldn’t, or not sleeping when we should. : )

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