Review: Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA

The first thing I noticed about this beer was its intensely apricot color. (The bottle does say that it’s a wheat ale brewed with apricots and spices.) In the patented Samuel Adams contour glass, the color deepends where the glass is widest. And yes, in case you’re sarcastically wondering, I didopen the bottle with a Samuel Adams bottle opener, but I did not do so while wearing my Samuel Adams hat.

The beer had a thin but persistent head at first, but after ten minutes it was reduced to just a few hints of lacing.

The hop smell was aggressive, like it should be with an IPA, so despite looking like a fruity seasonal beer, it begged to be paired with a deep, spicy dinner. The taste was almost exclusively hops while on the tongue, but the aftertaste brought out an unusual but very pleasing combination of apricot, grapefruit, and possibly cloves. The most surprising flavor hiding in there is something peppery, which I’m guessing might be coriander? (I just sniffed the coriander in our spice cabinet. I’m sticking with coriander.)

The mouthfeel has no oiliness whatsoever, but the intensity of the hops leaves the back of the throat with that unique sourness that comes with the bitterest of IPAs. I have no idea what the actual IBUs are, but it’s intense.

I would pair this with just about anything that goes well with a bitter beer: spicy foods and red meat in particular. I think it would kill with a good burgundy beef with horseradish.

Apparently this has only been brewed once, but it’s available in the current “brewers’ choice” line of 12-packs, so if you want a shot at it, get it now.


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