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Randomosity 3: blog post ideas that just didn’t pan out

If you had the money and the space, I think it would be worth it to install a large track of rails around a room that you could attach a baby’s car seat to, to send them on a simulated … Continue reading

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Return of the Ref

Several years ago, I started reffing ComedySportz matches. (This past year, I even had the privilege of reffing one of the World Championship matches.) Tonight, I┬áreffed a match for the first time since Sage was born. I had a few … Continue reading

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Aaaaaaaaaand: Football!

It’s four weeks until the first round of the NFL Draft, and for what I hope is the only time I’ll have to stomach it, my favorite team has the first overall pick. I had a post all planned about … Continue reading

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Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie, My Way

So tonight I made this: Go ogle. It’s okay. But come back. You back? Good. I started off just like the recipe. And the Granny Smith apples looked good, too. But I did do a few things not in … Continue reading

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When Sage was born, Ann’s sister Amanda, brother-in-law Paul, and their daughters Maggie and Mollie were down from far northern Wisconsin to visit. They actually arrived on the day Sage was born, but since we spent so much time in … Continue reading

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My Favorite ComedySportz Game: Five Thingz

My favorite game at ComedySportz is called Five Thingz. (I have no idea if it’s “supposed” to have the “z” on the end, but if it’s good enough for ComedySportz, it’s good enough for the gamez.) Five Thingz has been … Continue reading

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Sage: 3 Months.

Dear Sage, Wow. You’re three months old today. Thirteen weeks. It’s amazing how quickly you’re growing. This past Monday, you weighed in at 9 pounds 3 ounces. That was before you ate, so we figure you’ve gotten as high as … Continue reading

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