We had a tough decision to make, and we made it. (This has nothing to do with Sage, and if I had realized just how much speculation would occur, I would have posted something else entirely… sorry about that.)

Tonight, we watched as a couple we had just met loaded up a crate, a tub of food, a few other items… and lastly our beloved dachshunds, Dash and Buster.

They’ve been part of our family for five years, but lately we’ve been unhappy… and by “we,” I don’t just mean Ann and me. I mean the doxies, too.

We haven’t been able to give them more than cursory attention, and they don’t have the opportunity to exercise. The family adopting them has three kids, one other dog, and a fenced yard “half the size of a football field.”

It was a hard decision, and an emotional one… one that makes me feel like maybe I could have done something different. But it was the right one.

Although it did just occur to me that it’s now just me, Ann, Sage, and our Cairn terrier Chelle. I’m the last man standing.

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3 Responses to Outnumbered.

  1. hellohilary says:

    Probably the best decision, although a hard one…

  2. Helloheather says:

    I’m sorry you had to give them away. We had to do that with two different dogs when I was growing up (one dachshund, one beagle). Ultimately, I think the dogs and our family were not good fits, and everyone was better off with the new arrangements.

    Maybe I missed something, but don’t you guys have two cats? Did they pass away in recent years? I feel terrible that I don’t remember.

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