Sharing the Experience

I’m trying something unusual for this blog post. Every time Sage squeaks (in that particular way that means “upset”) because she’s dropped her pacifier in her lap, I’m going to do a line break while I go fix it. To be honest, I’m surprised I’ve gotten this far. She’s not very good at keeping it in her mouth yet. I expect that will change in time. She’s about eight feet away from me, enjoying her swing (that’s currently playing “Beautiful Dreamer,” although I can’t help but hear it as Allen Sherman’s “Beautiful Teamsters”). She

likes watching the mobile at the top, which has a frog, a monkey, and a toucan that rotate around while palm fronds rhythmically move out of their way. It’s


pretty neat

swing, but we don’t have batteries for it at the moment and I keep forgetting to get any, so it’s plugged in… in the only available and

reachable outlet left in the living room, which means I can’t move the swing around to someplace more convenient. I could, of course, move Sage around and just hold her instead of keeping her in the swing, but she’s much happier when she’s moving right now, and I’m trying to blog. Keep in mind that I’ve been clocked typing 103 wpm at my fastest, 95 on a typical day. Of course, that’s when I’m typing up something that I’m reading from a sheet, not when I’m trying to come up with it on my own, so surely I’m a bit slower than that now… but the point is, sometimes I barely get back to my seat before she spits the pacifier out again and gets upset about it. Other times, like this, I can type away for a while as she sits there trying not to fall asleep. None of this upsets me, except for the fact that it does make it difficult to get stuff done any way other than in short bursts. If I thought

it was okay, I’d find a way to strap


pacifier in. Not because it would make things easier for me (although

it would), but because it would make things happier for her.

I’m starting

to think that maybe the problem is that she’s hungry. It should be time to feed her soon. Maybe she doesn’t

want the pacifier.



That time I didn’t even make it back to the seat before needing

to return to her to plug it in. So

yeah, I think



that’s definitely a wrap.

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4 Responses to Sharing the Experience

  1. Helloheather says:

    Haha! Rob always said pacifiers for very young babies ought to come with earpieces, like glasses, to keep them in place.

  2. joanna says:

    The hold-the-pacifier-in device was actually invented, and then recalled, because it was a horrible idea.

  3. sinwi says:

    Ah, but if she can keep it in on her own she doesn’t get as many visits from you!! Now if you would just disregard everything else, hold her, and keep the pacifier in place all the time life would be perfect for her! 🙂

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