And Lo, It Came To Pass

I’ve decided. I am going to self-publish this summer.

In fact, I am going to self-publish at least two times.

The first time will be Burnt Offering, a murder mystery set in Indianapolis and Noblesville, Indiana. Those of you who have read and enjoyed On the Devil’s Payroll may be disappointed to learn that almost no characters from that book are continued in this one, but may be interested to learn that when I write another central Indiana murder mystery, characters from both books are likely to be strongly represented.

The second book I plan to self-publish will be The Mr. E Revelations: Dark Discoveries, which will be a planned Volume 1 of an urban fantasy series. It will be made up of three NaNoWriMo projects I’ve done, with of course at least a little bit of editing. I have been surprised at how much fun it is to write urban fantasy, and I hope to write several more of these over the next several years.

And this past weekend, I made plans to publish a third book, whose title I cannot tell you write now, which I will co-author with my friend Todd Reinert. We tossed around a few ideas that I think might be overkill for this one-of-a-kind book, but (remainder of this sentence intentionally left blank).

So, yeah. I realized that this is the way I want to do it. Yes, I’d rather have someone else pay me thousands upon thousands of dollars for the right to publish my stuff, but I’d also like to have someone else pay me thousands upon thousands of dollars for pretty much any other reason that’s about as mathematically likely.

Be ready. I’m just getting started.

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4 Responses to And Lo, It Came To Pass

  1. Davesanngel says:

    = )

  2. Lummox JR says:

    I definitely want to self-publish, pending more feedback and some cover art. I need a much wider friend network to read this stuff though. That’s really one of the few downsides I see to being outside the industry: poor access to professional editing and critique.

  3. Hellohilary says:

    I’m really glad!!! I’ve been waiting a LONG time to read your next book!

  4. sinwi says:


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