Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie, My Way

So tonight I made this:

Go ogle. It’s okay. But come back.

You back? Good.

I started off just like the recipe.

Crust! With Caramel! And Pecans!

This is the crust with caramel and pecans.

And the Granny Smith apples looked good, too.

Granny Smith Apples!

I don't know who Granny Smith was, but she does good work.

But I did do a few things not in the recipe.

For example, I doubt the author of that blog snitched the last of the caramel out of the measuring cup.



Also, the recipe didn’t say anything about testing the apples as they’re being cooked.

Testing the apples

They looked so good.

Probably because they’re really, really, really hot.




Today’s lesson: just follow the recipe.

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