When Sage was born, Ann’s sister Amanda, brother-in-law Paul, and their daughters Maggie and Mollie were down from far northern Wisconsin to visit. They actually arrived on the day Sage was born, but since we spent so much time in the NICU, Maggie and Mollie didn’t get to meet her. They were too little to be allowed admittance.

Well, today, they arrived for another visit (sans Paul).

Apparently, whenever Maggie would talk, Sage was entranced.

And I can’t explain why, but it makes me so ridiculously happy that Sage got to meet two of her cousins for the first time today. It’s not like she’ll remember this moment, and the cousins are young enough they probably won’t remember it either.

But some day down the line, Sage is going to ask if we can go visit Aunt Amanda and Uncle Paul and Maggie and Mollie. And that just makes me smile. I wanted to remember this. That’s the reason for blogging. That’s all. No big message, no big reveal. Just happy.

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