Aaaaaaaaaand: Football!

It’s four weeks until the first round of the NFL Draft, and for what I hope is the only time I’ll have to stomach it, my favorite team has the first overall pick.

I had a post all planned about this, but I was surprised to hear Colin Cowherd of ESPN say on the radio today exactly what I was going to say in my post. And I don’t like the idea of just repeating what was said.

I’ll give you the summary, though.

The Colts will take Andrew Luck, and the Redskins will take Robert Griffin III. Luck is a better quarterback, which is not the least bit dismissive of Griffin’s impressive skills and resume — they’re both very good. By and large, the majority of experts say that Luck is better. (One reason that I didn’t know but that Cowherd helpfully pointed out is that Griffin’s numbers are better, but most of his games were not against defenses in the Top 40 defenses last year; Luck, on the other hand, faced about eight Top 40 defenses, and his numbers were only marginally lower than Griffin’s.) However, the Colts are going to be pretty darn bad for a couple of years, and Luck will go 4-12 and 5-11 in the first couple of years (these were the exact same records that I was going to suggest — thanks a lot, psychic Cowherd), while the Skins and Griffin will probably go 7-9 and 8-8, and lots of people will start to say, “Oh, see? Griffin is a better quarterback.” No, he’s not. He has a better team.

So, there went my post idea. I don’t plan on posting a mock draft for at least a couple more weeks, and when I do I’ll discuss things like Tebow and Manning and even Brees and the bounty scandal…

But for now, I guess I have a question for those of you who read regularly and who have an interest in football. On the day of the draft, I hope to keep live updates. In the past, I’ve done those on a Facebook page (Strange Football). Would you all rather see live updates here, there, or otherwise?

I’ll take any input.

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One Response to Aaaaaaaaaand: Football!

  1. Br.Bill says:

    Strange, you know I’m not really a Colts fan, but I hope they do something — anything — to improve the rest of their offensive personnel. They were pathetic last year, so it’s easy to see why you feel they won’t do well for a couple of years.

    When Roethlisberger went to the Steelers, they were still able to win despite his inexperience because the team was solid already. Ben just had to not screw up too much, and he didn’t. But I agree, Luck’s in for some tough going at first. You know who else were once in the same boat? Marino and Elway, amongst a hundred others.

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