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She started to slip out of my hands today. Advertisements

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Responsibility and Results

These days, I think a lot about what things I want to teach my daughter. While I think it’s very important to lead by example, I also know that if you don’t verbalize the important things, it’s easy for others … Continue reading

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Modified a joke, just for you.

My dear friend Angela called today to tell me a joke. I hadn’t heard it before — which, honestly, is rare for me and jokes these days —  and I loved it. However, I am modifying it ever so slightly … Continue reading

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I love Batman. Especially the darker Batman of the earliest issues and later days, although I do have a fondness for the Adam West stuff as well. But I don’t own many Batman comic books or toys, and in fact … Continue reading

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Draft Day!

I’m hoping to update this more or less live. A lot depends on the happiness of the baby. 1. Indianapolis Colts I said: QB Andrew Luck. They took: QB Andrew Luck. This is the least shocking development since the tide … Continue reading

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My Mock Draft, and Why I Do It

There are some of you who love football and are looking forward to reading a mock draft. There are some of you who couldn’t care less about football and you read my blog for more personal, philosophical writing. You’re all … Continue reading

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Sage: Four Months

Dear Sage, You are four months old today. It doesn’t seem possible. That’s a phrase we seem to be saying an awful lot as we watch you grow. You’re still a tiny thing – we keep seeing babies that are … Continue reading

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