No, that doesn’t say logic 101, it says logic lol

When I was a kid — maybe six — I was a bit confused.

(Quick side note — I still am, but about different stuff.)

I thought I was Jewish.

Now, mind you, I’m about as WASP as they come. I’m from New York… but Syracuse, New York. Of course we had a Jewish population there, but nothing compared to NYC.

So how did I get this idea?

-The Jews were God’s Chosen People. (I learned this as well as most of the other points herein at church and at the Christian school I attended.)
-Christians were going to heaven.
-The Disciples were Jews who believed in Jesus and became the first Christians.

Christians were Jews who believed in Jesus.

-Jews ate kosher.
-Ham is not kosher.
-Jesus “changed the Law,” which is why we didn’t follow all of Leviticus.


The reason we ate ham on Easter, the day that honored Jesus’ resurrection, was to show that we did not have to eat kosher because by believing in the resurrection we were declaring ourselves Christians, and as previously indicated Christians were clearly just Jews who believed in Jesus.


(I was about eight before I learned what a Gentile was.)

So, to those of you who enjoyed some Easter ham today: MAZEL TOV.

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