Fingertip Slips.

Any parent who has ever tried to trim the nails of a baby has struggled with it. Figuring out how to hold the baby and hold the fingers and hold the clippers… it’s not easy.

We have the tiny little clippers with the magnifying glass that only makes it harder to see clearly (so I don’t use that part). Early on, we used a teeny tiny emory board. Since then, we’ve tried those tiny clippers. And bywe, I mean Ann. And once, our friend Alisha, who spent half an hour or more managing it finger by finger with limited crying as a result.

Today, I took it upon myself to trim the nails myself. I thought I’d take the stress off of Ann — because it certainly is stressful to try to trim those miniscule nails.

For a little while, I was having success. And then I slipped.

And her finger bled. She didn’t really fuss, but it really freaked me out. The blood wouldn’t stop for almost a minute… but Ann very calmly helped out and we got it under control. Unfortunately, I still had six fingers to go.

I got them all… but one of them really needed a touch-up.


More blood.

And this time, she screamed like I’ve never heard her scream before.

I know better than to blame myself. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t.

A while later, she smiled at me. She had already forgotten the injury. All she knew was that I was her Daddy and I was taking care of her. Not that I had accidentally hurt her.

I want to be able to forgive like that.

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4 Responses to Fingertip Slips.

  1. Penny says:

    I had to remove a sliver from Abel’s foot this week. Jess held him while Carlos held his leg still. I thought he would be mad at me. He kept saying, “Thank you grandma Penny”. It really melted my heart that he still loves me after I caused him pain. Children are so sweet. I’m still so happy for you and Ann. What a beautiful little girl you have.

  2. Kendra says:

    I use little fingernail scissors. The clippers are too scary on bitty fingers. I’ve never had a problem with the scissors though.

  3. Br.Bill says:

    Like Penny, I was reminded of sliver removal. I have done some fairly ambitious sliver surgery on both of my sons (not to mention myself). I was amazed at what they could tolerate, and also at the depth at which they managed to lodge wood under their skin. Reading glasses make great sliver removal eyewear, even if you have good vision. It never seemed like I could get close enough.

    And yes to Kendra on the fingernail scissors. Tiny high five!

  4. atoot says:

    Reading this post, I can remember the scream that Mollie let out once when I cut her while clipping fingernails, it broke my heart at the time, I felt the same way when reading this post. Good thing they forget so fast, we on the other hand will remember it everytime we cut fingernails. GOOD LUCK!

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