So it looks like we’re moving houses. Not moving cross-country or anything like that — just into a house that’s much closer to where I work (it’ll still be a half-hour commute, but after a couple years of an hour-plus, I can live with that). It’s a better layout for a couple with a child and a hope for more children.

But, ugh.Moving.

There is very little to enjoy about moving. Especially when everyone has their own way of organizing things, or the order in which they would do things.

We won’t be actually moving until late May or early June, so we’ve got time to get a lot of stuff arranged, and ultimately I’m very excited about the new place.

But, ugh. Moving.

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4 Responses to Moving.

  1. Lummox JR says:

    With the way gas prices are going, you’ll probably save enough in a year to pay off the new mortgage.

  2. hellohilary says:

    YAAAAA!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!
    I volunteer Chris to help move stuff and me for moral support!

  3. sinwi says:

    Hil, you can also bring cold beer! ;P Truly a very important job.

    Ick to moving, yay for a new place that you are excited about!!

  4. atoot says:

    So happy for your guys, can’t wait to see the new place, hope we can have a sleep over with Sage in your new house! 🙂 Don’t know how much we can help but I will be thinking of you – there is never a better time to declutter than when it is time to move! GOOD LUCK!

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