Thursday’s post on Friday


quick interruption — this is yesterday’s thoughts, so everything I’m thinking about happening has actually already occurred… for those of you who don’t enjoy time travel stories, you may get a bit lost. Don’t worry about it.

we’re taking Sage out of state for the first time. We’re going to visit Ann’s sister and family in northern Wisconsin. It normally takes about twelve hours to get there.

Twelve hours. In a van with Sage. (And of course Ann and her parents.)

That’s a long trip. Normally, when we take Sage on trips to other places in Indiana, it’s maybe an hour or a smidge longer. She sleeps through most of the trip. No idea what twelve hours will be like. Will she sleep? It is mostly in the dark, after all. Will she scream? Will she get tired of being cooped up in a car seat? It’s not like she’s walking.

(Also, we have a house-and-dog-sitter and very little of value in the house. Not worth it, you stinking thieves.)

I’m worried about quite a bit for this trip, and not all of it has to do with Sage. I’ll be taking a day off of work, where I’ve been positively buried lately. I know I’ll have to do a bunch of overtime next week to make up for it.


And my biggest hope? Is that none of this stress affects Sage.

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