Sunday’s post on Monday

I frequently get ideas that I think are great creative ideas, but that I don’t act upon, whether because of limited time or resources. Here is a list of five.

1. A mockumentary about a guy who wants to make a mockumentary.
I have virtually a whole script for this (although several sections are script “outline” because I know so many brilliant improvisors). I’m sure I would have the people I need to cast it, but I have no idea who I would get to film it. I also know that I’m a decent editor but others are better and have better equipment. I just don’t know who these people are. The basic idea of this movie would be a guy who is a fan of Christopher Guest’s work, figures he can do it just as well, and is completely unaware of how incompetent he is.

2. A website full of movie trailers for all the movies I’ve never written.
I frequently come up with ideas for movies (see item #1) but I don’t ever try to write them because of the time involved. I also love movie trailers. So I’d love to have a website where I produced movie trailers for movies that have never been made. Problems with this idea are all the same ones mentioned above, plus the lack of special effects needed.

3. A “sign-a-day” site.
The idea here is that every day I would have a photo of myself holding a new posterboard sign. This one is harder to explain because the idea is so simple that it sounds somewhat dull, or stupid. But I think it would have some real artistic merit, if done right. The trouble here is just the time to set up the website and to take the photos.

4. A “32 Fans” site.
There are 32 teams in the NFL. I don’t just want to know what the experts are saying; I want to hear from hardcore (but intelligent) fans. My idea would be to find one fan of each team and have an article from them each week of the season, plus articles during the pre-season, post-season, and draft season. The problem with this one is mostly just organization.

5. A complete Star Wars fake-Twitter site.
I’d have my friends help me out on this. We would get together and watch The Trilogy (Episodes IV, V, VI), and we would each “tweet” the thoughts of assigned characters. My friends are hilarious. You would totally read this site. Ideally, it would be done in such a way that we could put timers on it so that you could read the site while watching the movies and it would synch up (think “MST3K” or “Pop-Up Video”). I have no idea how to do this.

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One Response to Sunday’s post on Monday

  1. Kendra says:

    I like all of these.

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