Draft Day!

I’m hoping to update this more or less live. A lot depends on the happiness of the baby.

1. Indianapolis Colts
I said: QB Andrew Luck.
They took: QB Andrew Luck. This is the least shocking development since the tide came in.

2. Washington Redskins
I said: QB Robert Griffin III.
They took: QB Robert Griffin III. This is the least shocking development since the Colts took Luck.

3. Minnesota Vikings — traded to Cleveland Browns
Minnesota must have told Cleveland about another team offering to take the #3 spot to steal the Browns’ desired pick.
Cleveland Browns
I said: should take WR Justin Blackmon, will take RB Trent Richardson.
They took: RB Trent Richardson. I will talk to anyone who is willing to listen about why a running back should not be taken this high anymore.

4. Cleveland Browns — traded to Minnesota Vikings
I said: OT Matt Kalil.
They took: OT Matt Kalil. I think this is a very good pick, even if it’s not the most splashy selection available. Good job, Minnesota.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — traded to Jacksonville Jaguars
I’m not sure exactly why they needed this trade, but whatever.
Jacksonville Jaguars
I said: WR Justin Blackmon.
They took: WR Justin Blackmon. I’m starting to feel like I’m pretty good at this! That means it’s going to start getting wonky.

6. St. Louis Rams — traded to Dallas Cowboys
There had been a whole lot of talk about teams wanting to trade down. I’m surprised how many have traded up.
Dallas Cowboys
I said: DT Fletcher Cox… but I thought it would be at #14.
They took: CB Morris Claiborne. Good move, I think.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars — traded to Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I said: CB Morris Claiborne, but he’s gone now, thanks to Dallas.
They took: SS Mark Barron. Because if Aqib Talib showed them anything, it’s that character is apparently irrelevant.

8. Miami Dolphins
I said: should take DE Melvin Ingram or DE Quinton Coples, will take QB Ryan Tannehill.
They took: QB Ryan Tannehill. Presented with no further comment.

9. Carolina Panthers
I said: should take DT Fletcher Cox, will take DT Dontari Poe.
They took: ILB Luke Keuchly. Solid player, just not where I thought they’d go.

10. Buffalo Bills
I said: ILB Luke Keuchly — but he’s not available.
They took: CB Stephon Gilmore. Much higher than I thought he’d be taken.

11. Kansas City Chiefs
I said: OG David DeCastro.
They took: DT Dontari Poe. Well, I did say if he was available, it made sense to take him here. I’m not counting it as a win for me, but pretty smart for KC.

12. Seattle Seahawks — traded to Philadelphia Eagles
I said: OLB Zach Brown… but no way they traded up to get him; he would have been there at 15. I did say they should trade up for DT Fletcher Cox.
They took: DT Fletcher Cox! I am a genius.

13. Arizona Cardinals
I said: should take WR Michael Floyd, will take OT Jonathan Martin.
They took: WR Michael Floyd. Well, I’ll be. I can’t wait to watch Fitz & Floyd on the field at the same time!

14. Dallas Cowboys — traded to St. Louis Rams
I said: should take WR Justin Blackmon (gone), will take OT Riley Reiff (at 6).
They took: DT Michael Brockers. I don’t like this pick, personally. I don’t think Brockers warrants a top-half first-round selection.

15. Philadelphia Eagles — traded to Seattle Seahawks
I said: DE Melvin Ingram.
They took: DE/OLB Bruce Irvin. I don’t even have this guy as a first rounder. There must have been plenty of people who thought more of him than I did, considering the cameras were ready and fired up onto him.

16. New York Jets
I said: should pick OLB Whitney Mercilus, will pick SS Mark Barron (gone).
They took: DE Quinton Coples. I think is a pretty decent pick. They need a good rusher.

17. Cincinnati Bengals
I said: OG Cordy Glenn.
They took: CB Dre Kirkpatrick. Good player, but I still think they should have gone Glenn.

18. San Diego Chargers
I said: should take OLB Whitney Mercilus, will pick RB David Wilson.
They took: DE Melvin Ingram. I didn’t think Ingram would be available; I like this pick, actually.

19. Chicago Bears
I said: DE Quinton Coples (gone).
They took: DE Shea McClellin. With Coples gone, it’s one of the best options left to fill this need.

20. Tennessee Titans
I said: should take CB Janoris Jenkins, will take CB Dre Kirkpatrick (gone).
They took: WR Kendall Wright. Ehh. I like Wright, but I’m not sure this is what the Titans need most right here.

21. Cincinnati Bengals — traded to New England Patriots
The Pats traded up?
I said: should take DE Kendall Reyes, will take DE Michael Brockers.
They took: DE Chandler Jones. Yeah, I thought there was a possibility Jones would move up the chart, but I wasn’t convinced he was worth it. If Belichick thinks he is, I don’t know that I could argue.

22. Cleveland Browns
I said: should take WR Stephen Hill, will take DE Whitney Mercilus.
They took: QB Brandon Weeden. Not stunned, though I wish I were. Weeden shouldn’t be a first-rounder. He just shouldn’t.

23. Detroit Lions
I said: CB Janoris Jenkins.
They took: OT Riley Reiff. Frankly, I didn’t think he’d be here anywhere near this low. I don’t have a problem with this selection.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers
I said: ILB Dont’a Hightower.
They took: OG David DeCastro. I had this guy gone at 11, so again, I don’t have a problem with this selection.

25. Denver Broncos — traded to New England Patriots.
The Pats traded up again?? What planet am I on?
I said: CB Stephon Gilmore.
They took: ILB Dont’a Hightower. I don’t like the Pats getting a player like this. Dang it.

26. Houston Texans
I said: WR Stephen Hill.
They took: ILB Whitney Mercilus. I’m really astonished they didn’t take a wideout here. I mean, I like Mercilus, but really? With this need?

27. New England Patriots — traded to Cincinnati Bengals
I said: WR Michael Floyd.
They took: OG Kevin Zeitler. I once again am surprised that WRs are slipping here.

28. Green Bay Packers
I said: should take DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw, will take SS Harrison Smith.
They took: DE Nick Perry. I’m not convinced about Perry, but I wasn’t convinced about Harrison Smith either.

29. Baltimore Ravens — traded to Minnesota Vikings
I said: nothing. I didn’t go beyond Round One in my planning.
They took: FS Harrison Smith… who I had as a strong safety instead of a free safety. Eh. They need help everywhere.

30. San Francisco 49ers
I said: OG Kevin Zeitler, but he’s gone.
They took: WR A.J. Jenkins. What? Seriously? A wideout? And this one?

31. New England Patriots — traded to Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I said: nothing, didn’t go past Round One.
They took: RB Doug Martin. No opinion at this time.

32. New York Giants
I said: should take TE Coby Fleener, will take OT Mike Adams.
They took: RB David Wilson. They definitely need a RB. I’m a little surprised it’s Wilson, but not terribly.

All in all, fun — and I was more correct than I anticipated, actually.

And now back to real life.

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2 Responses to Draft Day!

  1. Coach Matt says:

    Besides the fact Cleveland shouldn’t have taken an RB that high, can you explain to me why they moved up ONE spot to grab him and traded away all those picks, when he would have still been there at 4? And Brandon Weeden in the first round?

    • strangedavid says:

      The only thing I can figure is Minnesota bluffed Cleveland into thinking that another team was offering them a TON in order to trade up to steal Richardson. I would have told Minnesota, “let them.” As far as Weeden in the first round, I have no idea. He probably still would have been there at 37. (“would” might need to be replaced by “should”)

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