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Review: Victory Saison du BUFF

Victory is the brewery that gets credit for this beer, although “BUFF” means “Brewers United for the Freedom of Flavor” — a working relationship between the Victory, Stone, and Dogfish breweries. The idea behind the saison is strictly “a summer … Continue reading

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A short note to Sage.

We bought the new house today — the one where you’ll spend the first years you remember. I hope you remember it as fondly as I do the first house that I remember. More importantly today, thank you. After several … Continue reading

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Writing the Walk, Part 2

Yes, I failed to post yesterday. You appear to have survived. Well done. The first part of “Writing the Walk” (shielded introspection) is found here: Before I launch into the second style, I feel that it’s imperative to point … Continue reading

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I really would like an answer. (Beer question.)

Please feel free to answer in comments here OR on Facebook (where many of you comment because it’s easier there than here on WordPress). I am planning on brewing a batch of beer pretty soon… but I have not decided … Continue reading

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ComedySportz Buffalo (my delayed Saturday post)

I had the opportunity to play with ComedySportz Buffalo and with their longform (non-family-friendly) troupe, IMF. To me, the most interesting thing about playing with other cities is to find what things we do differently. Some of those things are … Continue reading

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Strangely, I was strange but not Strange 20 years ago.

Some highlights from recently discovered columns I wrote for my school newspaper 20 years ago: “This year the Homecoming dinner was a delicious meal served by the Juniors, returned by the Sophomores, over the net again by the Juniors and … Continue reading

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Sage: 5 months

Well, Sage, it’s past midnight, so technically it’s the 25th. I would have gotten to this sooner, but this week you have not had good sleep habits. Part of that is the unfamiliar environment. You’re in upstate New York right … Continue reading

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