Not Enough Time

Second try: the website ate my first one. Which pisses me off, let me tell you.

Anyway. When I have things cluttering up my head — complex issues I need to think about, emotions I haven’t fully sorted out — I tend to process them by writing about them. The trouble is that it can take me a while to do so. Longer than I generally give myself for writing a blog post.

I want this blog to have some weight to it. It’s supposed to be a combination of personal journal and conversation with whoever wants to participate. But I sit here night after night looking at the laptop and trying to figure out what I can say that has weight in a short period of time, and I get stuck.

I feel like I have to figure out a way to give myself back some time in order to figure this stuff out. Ironically, I can’t figure out how to give back the time — and the best way for me to do that would probably be to write all about it.

If I used hashtags in this blog, this one would probably be #confused

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One Response to Not Enough Time

  1. Tom n Cristy says:

    Wow. You have just expressed EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling for MONTHS. I love to write, and I love to blog and read other people’s blogs, but I’m so inside my head lately that I don’t feel like I can actually get it out there. I must have at *least* five different post ideas partially written, both in my head and in text files on my desktop (& some that I finally – and reluctantly – moved to my “Stories” folder). I feel like they’re important and really SAY something, but I haven’t been able to just sit down and devote the brain space (and time) to filling them out. And, the lack of that step means I haven’t read anybody else’s stuff in forever, either. Almost like I don’t get permission to actually enjoy the blogging world in any way if I haven’t “contributed”… or something. Dude, I feel ya’. Hang in there. I also think it’s ironic that I haven’t read one of your posts in so long (because of all of my own crap), and the one that pulled me in was one to which I totally relate. Neat. Thanks for the long-distance, extra-sensory nudge. 🙂

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