Like laughter? Love losing?

I’ve written about my favorite ComedySportz game, Five Thingz, before here:

Tonight, my team played this game. Phil Graf and I gave clues to Bethany Arrington. The ref, Tim Harrison, does this thing when he’s getting suggestions for Five Thingz, where he gets a letter from the audience and asks that all of their suggestions start with that letter. (Frequently, if we don’t do things like this, we get the same suggestions from match to match. I’ve seen enough of playing soccer against N’Sync, or mowing Abraham Lincoln’s lawn.)

After the suggestions were all gathered, I took a moment to tell the audience, “I’ve been doing this for ten years, and I have never simultaneously respected and hated an audience the way I do right now.”

The letter was L, and here’s what we had to get Bethany to guess:

1. Line dancing, wearing a leotard, with the Lemon Sisters. (note: I think the suggestions was supposed to be the Lennon Sisters, who were often on Lawrence Welk and occasionally Pee-Wee specials, and not the Lemon Sisters, who were a terrible movie about 60’s girl band music in 80’s nightclubs)
2. Log rolling in Lithuania, in lava.
3. Lounging on a love seat with Lionel Richie.
4. Lacrosse with a lollipop as the stick and a lanyard as the ball.
5. Lancing a boil on Ludacris, using a loofah.

(We got only one… but we had fun, and the audience did too.)

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