Yes, I’m one of THOSE people

We’ve had a very up-and-down relationship.

It was love at first sight, but it wasn’t long until the realities of her personality started revealing themselves. She woke me at all hours of the night for no reason other than attention-seeking. If she felt I wasn’t paying enough attention, she’d spend hours crying, or destroying my things. She couldn’t wait to get away from me at times, and no matter how much I begged, she wouldn’t even think about coming back until she was good and ready. There was even a time when there was very serious conversation about living separately.

But eventually, we reached an understanding. While she still have a wild side that comes out now and then, she’s been known to bring me things when I’m sick, and she stands guard over the whole family, including Sage.

Today, Chelle, our Cairn terrier, turns 11 years old. The longest I ever had a dog other than Chelle was five and a half years.

Happy birthday, Chelle! You’re a wonderful dog, and I’m glad we got past the early psychotic years and settled into happy, comfortably neurotic years instead.

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3 Responses to Yes, I’m one of THOSE people

  1. DavesAnngel says:

    = ) She’s turned into such a good dog! We’re snuggling on the couch now, and I’ve promised her a treat for her dinner.

  2. Helloheather says:

    Awwww…yay Chelle!

  3. sinwi says:

    Hey, you all deserve a treat! Happy birthday!

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