In the past several years, Cleveland has undergone a massive renovation in culture and in reputation. It used to be the butt of every joke about the midwest (and having stopped at the Greyhound station here during my college years, most of those jokes were frighteningly accurate).

Now, though, Cleveland is a pretty exciting place. With chefs like Michael Symon helping to gather the national spotlight, the city has become sort of a foodie’s dream — quality food in an otherwise unassuming locale.

If you have a particular type of cuisine you like, you’ll find it here. (“Here,” because I’m in Cleveland tonight only.) If you want to try something new and exotic, you’ll find it here. If you want to find the perfect restaurant with the perfect ambience and the perfect prices, you’ll find it here.

So, with my one night in Cleveland, where did I go and what did I eat?

Ummm… well, I had a slightly overdone half-pound burger with bacon and some mediocre mozzarella sticks delivered to my room in the Best Western from a place down the road where the lady taking the order called me “baby” at least a dozen times and couldn’t find “bottled water” on her menu screen because she forgot her glasses today, baby, just a minute, there it is, baby, two of those?

…so, um, I’ll come back to this city another time and do it right.

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