Review: Victory Saison du BUFF

Victory is the brewery that gets credit for this beer, although “BUFF” means “Brewers United for the Freedom of Flavor” — a working relationship between the Victory, Stone, and Dogfish breweries.

The idea behind the saison is strictly “a summer ale.” It’s hard to pin down a style for saison, although they’re typically closest to pale ales. BUFF explained that they wanted to do a saison because it gave them lots of latitude with flavor profile, and they wanted to try something new in beers: herbs.

I’ve never tasted a beer quite like this, and I doubt I will again for a very long time. It’s incredibly herby, with notes of sage and rosemary, and something that reminds me of juniper bushes. The hops are prominent, but never to the point that they overwhelm the herbs. It is definitely a bit bitter, and an edge that tastes a tad bit burnt (credit to Ann for pointing that out to me; she doesn’t like it at all).

The best thing I can imagine eating with this beer to accompany it is churrasco — especially the herbaceous one I had once in Puerto Rico. Not sure how to get this beer there, so hopefully I can find something similar here.

Very, very limited edition beer. Look for it.


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