I wrote another book. Shameless self-promotion.

Well, I pulled the trigger. You can now (immediately! right now!) purchase…

The Mr. E Revelations: Dark Discoveries

at Createspace. Here’s the link:


For those of you who have read On the Devil’s Payroll, this is completely and utterly different. If you prefer stuff like that, stay tuned as there will be another publishing announcement this summer.

The Mr. E series, which was spawned from a NaNoWriMo project, will continue beyond this book. It’s full of magic and paranormal stuff (and a fair amount of bad language and violence), so read it before you let your kids read it. Then buy them their own copy because they’re always ruining your stuff.

This book will soon be available on Amazon, and also for Kindle!


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3 Responses to I wrote another book. Shameless self-promotion.

  1. Lummox JR says:

    I’m in as soon as the Kindle version is ready. For Amazon availability and a Kindle edition, do you have to do that separately or does Createspace take care of that for you? And if it’s the latter, what’s the lead time on that?

  2. strangedavid says:

    Amazon availability is (as far as I can tell) pretty automatic. You have to do a little more for Kindle. In fact, if I’d wanted to be picky about Kindle formatting, I probably SHOULD have done some more… but I have no idea what things are SUPPOSED to look like on a Kindle, having never used one. As for lead time, I set everything in motion today and it’s supposed to be between 2-4 days for Kindle and 5-7 days for Amazon, or something like that.

  3. David Wright says:

    Dave – Remember me? Used to do a comic you liked. I’d love to get in touch and help you out on the book front. Email me at the email address I’m putting here. Include a phone number if you\’d like me to call you.

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