I’m back.

Tonight’s post is essentially just going to be a summary of why I wasn’t here for a few weeks. I don’t want anyone to think I was signing off with my post about gay marriage.

In the past few weeks, we have moved into a new house, with all the hectic action and challenging work that entails. Sage turned six months old (her six-month post will be coming soon). I’ve been doing a lot of ComedySportz. Lots of stuff has happened, obviously.

But the biggest obstacle was that until today, we didn’t have internet in the house. Our modem didn’t want to work with our new service, and the help I was able to find online basically said that it would be a lot easier to just get a new modem than to try getting it to work. So we did. And it works now. So hooray! We’re back on.

I can get back to writing this blog. And in just a week and a half, I’ll be blogging from the ComedySportz World Championship. I’m going to have to be somewhat careful, because it’s a long week full of joy and fun, but there is always some drama somewhere, and I respect my fellow players and CSz family too much to let it spill out… and yet I’ll be posting while suffering from a self-imposed lack of sleep.

As my friend Claire would say: “Wheeeee!”

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One Response to I’m back.

  1. Davesanngel says:

    Glad you’re back. I love getting this little peek inside your head!

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