Teeth bite.

We’re fairly sure that Sage is going to have a tooth soon. Her gums are hard, she’s fussy a lot more than usual, she’s tugging at her ear a little bit, and she has occasionally been opening wide for a bottle or food, getting it into her mouth, and immediately wincing like she’s in pain and then crying a bit before going for the bottle or food again.

On an unrelated note, she wiggled at the exact moment that I was kneeling down on the floor to play with her, and for a split second her foot went underneat the knee as I was shifting my weight onto it. She screamed for a moment, and her foot was a bit red. I was horrified, although I kept reminding myself that it was an accident. She stopped crying within about four minutes, and all my careful probes of the foot suggest that it’s completely fine. (It will bother me way more than her.)

But it occurred to me. She fusses longer about the teeth.

Y’all, that’s how bad the teeth hurt. More than a 175-pound man pushing his knee down on a six-month-old foot.

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One Response to Teeth bite.

  1. Davesanngel says:

    Poor Peanut!

    Poor Daddy, too!

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