ComedySportz World Championship: Night 1

This is one of those nights that you have to be part of the ComedySportz cult family to really fully grasp, so I’m not going to write up reviews of the shows we watched, and I’m not going to try to say what it was like seeing so many people that I miss so badly throughout the year, because words won’t do it justice.

I’m still struggling that I wasn’t there to help put Sage to bed.

I’m frustrated that I couldn’t find the allegedly free parking nearby and I got stuck paying $22… and I’m not sure whether I can find another option tomorrow!

I’m thrilled to see people I love and heartbroken that Ann and Sage are a couple hundred miles away.

I need to sleep. It’s 2:30 back in my time zone. I’m getting up in about 5 hours or so.

I don’t want to dream tonight.

I’ve had fun, don’t get me wrong. And I’m sure I’ll have fun tomorrow. But it’s this down time between the socializing and sleep that gets rough.

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One Response to ComedySportz World Championship: Night 1

  1. Carol Farrington says:

    Skype Sage to sleep is my suggestion. I can imagine how hard it is, I still have that feeling when Liz is gone.

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