Family Business

I ended up unable to blog the last several nights of the ComedySportz World Championship. Activities kept me up too late and kept me too busy. So. Onwards.

People often say that ComedySportz is like a family. (It’s even in our “hymn.”)

My real family — Ann and Sage — came up to see us on Saturday, along with Ann’s wonderful mom. I got to see them for a couple of hours, and introduce them to a number of people from other CSz cities.

Then, they were off. Some family matters arose that made it important that they all went to Wisconsin until Friday. When I left the house on Tuesday of last week, I thought I would have only four days without them; turns out, it’s more like ten with a slight reprieve and some Skype time.

I relied on ComedySportz — my “other” family — to get me through it. Some people that I thought would be the most supportive were too embroiled in their own issues (which, let’s be fair, I did not really help them with because I had my own stuff to deal with). Others that I barely knew stepped up and treated me like family.

I just finished Skyping with Ann and Sage for about 16 minutes. It was barely enough, but I couldn’t come up with reasons to keep them on — especially when Sage was struck with a major fit of the wiggles. I have lots of tournament stories, but I want to tell them in person, and many of them aren’t the sort that would make sense in a blog like this.

Now, although I am Facebook friends with lots of my CSz “family,” and although I leave with very positive memories of most of them (any family has one or two stinkers), I’m returning to the ComedySportz Indianapolis “family.”

And I think I’m about to shake some things up. If I do it right, it will be a good thing for everybody. If I do it wrong… well, let’s just hope that I don’t do it wrong.

Deep breath. And let’s do it.

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