And here we go again.

There’s going to be another reorganization, or realignment, or re-something at work.

This has happened with startling regularity since I signed on with the company almost eight years ago. The last major one cost me my manager’s job. The one before that led to some difficult internal office politics. The one before that moved my office from downtown to the north side, increasing my commute by an astonishing amount.

Oddly enough, I feel decent about this one, because there is virtually no way in which this could make my job significantly worse. I mean, I’m normally one of those pessimists who thinks he’s a realist, and my usual response would be, “Oh, great, they’ve put me at rock bottom and now they’re going to start digging.” Instead, this time, I basically feel like: “I already hate the job, and almost every change they’ve made in the past two years has made me hate it more… what’s left? Is it possible for me to hate it more than I do now? Minor changes won’t phase me, and major changes would have to make it better, right?”

The pessimistic side of me is actually worried that it somehow won’t cause any changes for me… and that’s not making anything worse, it’s just staying the same.

Hopefully, the next few weeks will result in some kind of good news. I have no idea what. But something is going to change, and I feel like it’s got the potential to be — if not great — at least good.

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One Response to And here we go again.

  1. sinwi says:

    Bah… work changes often do suck. Hopefully since you are at rock bottom there is only one way to go, up! 🙂

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