Blog Ideas

Today, I’m going to use Google predictive text to find out what Google thinks I should blog about. And I’m going to give one sentence on each topic.

blog about brett kimberlin day
–I have no idea who this is.

blog about love
–I am incredibly fortunate to have found deep, abiding love with my beautiful wife, Ann.

blog about life
–This seems to be a bit too vague, except that I’m interested in the idea of artificial intelligence being classified as life.

blog about me
–Ummm… I like coffee and rainforests and otters and whiskey and drumming and beer and science fiction and grandfather clocks and improv and jugglers and passionate music and…

blog about depression
–I fight it, and I am not ashamed to admit I have it.

blog about books
–I write them.

blog about fifty shades of grey
–I know very little about it, but what I do know disturbs me for several reasons I do not wish to discuss in a single sentence.

blog about weight loss
–I need to look into this.

blog about page
–This suggestion seems somehow incomple

blog about relationships
–I am incredibly fortunate that I found a relationship that worked for me before I realized how bad I was at figuring out relationships.

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