Temporary Goodbyes.

Sometimes, things change and move people out of our lives. It’s commonly accepted, I believe, that when you know someone is going to leave that you don’t want to leave, you tend to find ways to push yourself away, even if you don’t mean to, in the days leading up to their departure. (I am aware that I used five commas in that sentence. Shut up.)

Tonight, we had our last* match at ComedySportz Indianapolis with Phil Graf.

Last has an asterisk because he’s “only” moving to Fort Wayne, and we expect to have him back and to play with him again.

Phil is, quite probably, the best “Mr. Voice” that Indy has ever had. We have some good ones too — Jarrod Reid taught me how to do it, and I used to be very good; I’m always excited to have Andy Ober in our sound boat; and Joe Ottaviano does amazing work as well. With all due respect to all of them, and to our other Mr. and Ms. Voices, Phil was and is the best.

This sometimes worked against him, getting him “stuck” running sound when he wanted to be down on the field with us… but I was still selfishly happy whenever I was reffing and I found that he was the one who had my back.

Phil did play on the field as well — he wasn’t just Mr. Voice — and tonight we played one last* match with him.

The next match, our 10:00 match, Phil was not involved. And I was Mr. Voice.

Oh, boy, did I have problems.

Not a ton… but ones that were noticeable. For example, I couldn’t find any tracks for “Sing It” on either our Mr. Voice software or on our iTunes account, which left me with our mini-disc player… except (a) it wasn’t working right (I had barely gotten it to work for Da Doo Run Rap), and (b) I couldn’t find the right mini-disc. They ended up doing it a capella with accompaniment from the other team.

I missed a couple cues from the ref.

Overall, I’d grade my performance a B, so it wasn’t like it was terrible.

But I’ve never seen a B performance out of Phil as Mr. Voice. Not once.

Phil, my friend, you will be missed. And yes, I’m sorry if it makes you feel “pigeonholed,” but you will definitely be missed as Mr. Voice. You were fun to play with on the field, too, of course; but the next time I’m reffing and it’s not you up in the boat, even if I’m fortunate enough to get Jarrod or Andy or Joe, I will be thinking of you.

Come back whenever you can.

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