26 things I have not experienced

Arrested Development. I’ve never seen an episode of it, and I have no idea why people who watch it are so nuts about it.

Boy Scouts. I’m always surprised when I learn someone I know was in the scouts; it just wasn’t even on my radar as a kid.

Cuy. South American dish made of guinea pig.

Duck confit. I love duck, and I see this all the time on the Food Network (including right now, actually), but I’ve never had it.

Europe. I hope to get there someday before I’m 45. (I’m 35 now.)

Foursquare. Unless I’m mistaken, I’d have to have a smartphone to use this — and I don’t.

Glee. I didn’t know what a show choir was until some friends who watch Glee explained it to me. Having heard one song from the show (Gwyneth Paltrow singing “Forget You”), I’m pretty sure I would hate it. Which is a shame, because I really like Jane Lynch.

Home run ball. In fact, I’ve never gotten any ball at a minor or major league ballpark, home run or foul.

Illegal drugs. Never had any desire. Never even had alcohol until I was 21.

Jacks. I’m really not sure how to play it. Someone explained it to me recently.

Karate. I always wanted to take a martial arts class, but I never did.

Limousine ride. I think it’s possible I may get one next month… and I’m a little torn about it, as it will involve someone else’s wedding, and not “my own” celebration.

Minecraft. A popular game, I know, but I’ve never seen it.

New car. Every car I’ve driven has been a used car.

Orange Leaf. This is apparently the hot new frozen yogurt chain. I hate frozen yogurt.

Parachuting. I’m pretty sure I have been expressly forbidden from doing this, too.

Quelf. A board game that has been recommended to me numerous times, but that I have yet to have the opportunity to play.

Rocky. Any of the Rocky movies. Or Rambo, for that matter.

Southern hemisphere. The furthest south I have been is Puerto Rico.

Taiko. The Japanese drumming art is amazing… based on what little I’ve seen of it on television. As someone who loves things about Japan and who loves percussion, I’m not sure why I’ve never gone to a show.

Uwe Boll. Often considered one of the most hack directors in the industry today, I am fortunate enough to have avoided all of his movies.

Veronica Mars. This is another show that a surprising number of people have told me I should watch. I have no idea why.

Wasp sting. I am differentiating from a bee sting, which I have experienced once, when I was maybe six years old.

Xacuti. An Indian curry that usually has nutmeg, ginger, coriander, lemon juice… it sounds delicious to me.

Yak milk. Yes, getting something for the letter Y was difficult, but this is one I actually would like to try at some point.

Zither. I know it’s a musical instrument. I know it’s a stringed instrument. I’ve never actually seen or heard one (that I know of).

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11 Responses to 26 things I have not experienced

  1. Lummox JR says:

    You were watching Chopped too, huh?

  2. Kagey says:

    Re: Orange Leaf. I haven’t heard of that one, but holy cow, where did all the frozen yogurt places come from all of a sudden? TCBY sorta died around here, and now there’s Golden Spoon, Yo Craze, Tutti Frutti, and a couple I can’t remember right now. I finally took the kids to one yesterday, and we enjoyed it, but the business model doesn’t seem to justify the 5 new chains I’ve seen.

  3. I have had cuy. it is delish.

  4. This is a hoot. Took me a minute (duh) to realize it was an alphabet. Europe is very well worth a visit…cuy not so much, I would guess. Jacks are a lot of fun. When she’s older, teach Sage how to play.

    I haven’t (yet) experienced making lasagna, visiting San Diego or eating octopus. The first two seem more appealing than the latter.

    • strangedavid says:

      I let my wife make the lasagna — it is legendary; I have never been to San Diego and in fact will visit California for the first time this October; and I personally love octopus in sushi. 🙂

  5. dellasman says:

    This was a fun idea. I haven’t heard of half the things on your list…

  6. Nichole H. says:

    OMG! Duck confit is ammmmmazing! Try the duck confit sandwich at Brugge. YUM!

  7. there’s actually a dish that utilizes guinea pigs????!!!!

    i love that this list is an alphabet – really interestingly done!!

  8. Mona says:

    How could Rocky make it to this list? NO!!! I feel devastated. 😐

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