If I Could Do It…

A popular question out there, usually posted rhetorically, is: “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”

I’ve always found that question to be a little misleading. The idea is supposed to be to get you to dream big… but the thing is, as I’ve pointed out so many times, dreaming big doesn’t always equate into success. If you go into something with the attitude that you can’t fail, you (a) won’t be risking anything, so it really doesn’t mean as much, and (b) won’t try as hard.

Risk/reward runs our lives, whether we think it does or not.

So, I’m going to rephrase the question for myself.

What would I do if I knew the odds of succeeding were high enough that I considered them a sufficient temptaion to offset the probable effects of failing and/or the sacrifice of time?

(There’s probably a better way to phrase that.)

  • I would start a gastropub. I would call it something other than a gastropub, though, because even if most people know what it means, I’m not in favor of a place to eat and drink that starts with the syllable “gas.”
  • I would learn to tap dance.
  • I would finally put together at least one of the movie ideas in my head.
  • I would write enough fiction every day that I could release shorter e-books several times a year at low cost. (Just think… with NaNoWriMo, you’re supposed to write 1,667 words a day during the entire month of November. I have successfully done that four times, while working and traveling and watching football. If I took working out of that equation, I could definitely write more. AGAIN — I am not quitting my job, and this is not me planning for my future. Anyway. Let’s say I could write enough to put out a 50,000 word e-book every three weeks. That’s a decent size to pay $3 for, isn’t it? I mean, that’s a penny for every 166.7 words. And let’s say I did 12 of those a year. If you liked the books, you’d gladly pay $36 for 600,000 words of fiction. And if those prices and good stories could entice an average of 2,500 people to buy each story, that would be $90,000 a year. Obviously, the biggest trick is to get 2,500 people to buy each book. That’s a heck of a lot of people. That’s why I’m not about to quit my job. However, a friend of mine from several years and hobbies ago has managed to team up with someone else and basically put out an e-book every week. You should check out David Wright’s site, www.creativeinkwell.com.)
  • I would work out until I didn’t mind having my shirt off.
  • I would continue to work out until others didn’t mind if I had my shirt off.
  • I would get all the equipment necessary to compose and record all the music in my head. Much of it is electronic dance. Some is bluesy rock.
  • I would learn mentalism.
  • I would learn to juggle.
  • I would learn kung fu.
  • I would be Batman.
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2 Responses to If I Could Do It…

  1. magpye says:

    Man, I was RIGHT THERE WITH YOU… right up until Batman. 😉

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