A very rare re-post.

I don’t do this. I’ve never done this.

But today, as I was prepping to write my blog and coming up with an idea that I liked, that would involve some rapid input from friends on Facebook, I found something a friend of mine wrote.

My friend Kim Gottschild is a wonderful writer, and an even more wonderful person. You can follow her on Facebook at Kim Gottschild, Writer (https://www.facebook.com/#!/KimGottschildWriter) and you will find her at the Burnside Writers Collective (http://burnsidewriters.com).

Kim wrote:

I unintentionally caught a scene from The Hunger Games movie Saturday night.  I come home from working at school – ironically the only time and place I have experienced absolute quiet all week -and Bjoern and Ella are in the middle of the film.  I begin cleaning up the kitchen trying to ignore it, but I am drawn in by a cute, innocent girls’ voice.  The kind of voice that should be out swinging or plaing with dolls or chasing dogs.  A voice like our daughters’.  Then I hear a sickening whiz followed by a thud.  I go to the family room to look and wish I hadn’t.
I watch a child die.
Though I’ve neither read the book nor seen the whole movie, I understand the premise of the story.  But it doesn’t matter.  Inside I am just screaming how wrong, grotesquely wrong that whole scene was.  No child should die.  Ever.  I want to vomit.
And then I think:  This is how God feels.


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