Okay, well… I have way more people reading this blog than used to. And I also link this blog from my Facebook page. I’m hoping somebody who reads this may be able to suggest something.

I’m looking for either equipment or a program that allows the user to record loops, over which additional loops can be recorded, on multiple tracks that can be brought in and out with single-button touch per track on the fly.

So, for example, say I record eight separate tracks, all of which are on loop so that the same sixteen bars play over and over. The third time through, I want to cut out specifically track five but keep the others playing. I want to be able to press one button and remove just track five. The fourth time through, I want to be able to bring track five back in but remove tracks two and seven. I want to be able to simultanously press three buttons and have all of that happen.

Do ANY of you have any idea if there is equipment and/or software that can make this happen?

I know where to find equipment like the Digitech Jamman that allows something like 99 tracks to be looped, but I know it doesn’t have a 99-button interface to bring them in and out. Is there something else that could be hooked up to it that would do something like that?

AND, if you DON’T know — do you know anybody who WOULD know?

I’m kind of using this blog post as a bulletin board request for help — and I’m doing it primarily as an experiment. Getting so many more readers surprised me, and it made me feel remarkably connected; now, I’m curious to see just how connected.

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2 Responses to “Crowdsourcing.”

  1. Elise M says:

    Sorry I don’t know anything like that! But, I’ll first ask my dad, whom I’ve just photographed and designed his album booklet for. It’s being sent to the printers as we speak!! And, if my dad doesn’t know, I’m not positive one exists. He’s been in the music industry for longer than I’ve been alive (nearly 30 years!). He produces, plays, and works in music. It’s pretty much his life, aside from my mom and us kids. 🙂

    But just for no other reason, I’ll also ask my cousin, whose album is also being made right now. They recorded in Nashville, but are out of WV so he has lots of sources also.

  2. Patrick Short says:

    You can do this in Garageband if you are OK with setting it one way. Changing on the fly is not a GB thing. Ableton Live is the program that WILL do the live on the fly stuff. Call me if you want to chat about it.

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