In Which Strange Watches His Time Slip Away (and Has a Minor Epiphany)

Sage is not happy tonight.

She has started crawling, and every few moments, we have had to stop her from heading straight for power cords (which seem to attract her attention faster than anything recommended by pediatric experts and toymakers), so she was already frustrated.

She has had irregular napping lately, because she is so interested in everything going on around her that she really doesn’t want to sleep. (She has started imitating us and very clearly playing with us at times. Right now she is trying to push her teething ring into Ann’s mouth.)

But tonight, we’re pretty sure she has gas pain, she’s constipated, she has a very runny nose, her gums hurt… and there is very, very little we can do that we hvae not already done.

In addition to the time drain of having a little one who doesn’t feel well, mobility… wow. Mobility adds a whole new dimension to time slipping away from parents.

And then I had the minor epiphany… I don’t have my time taken away nearly as much as Ann.

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One Response to In Which Strange Watches His Time Slip Away (and Has a Minor Epiphany)

  1. dellasman says:

    Next up… the differences between motherhood and fatherhood? And hey, you think Sage needs watching now? Wait’ll she starts WALKING!!

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