Missed a post, and a night’s sleep.

If you’re a regular reader, you noticed I didn’t post anything last night. That’s because I went straight from work (some overtime) to downtown Indy for a bachelor party.

Before you get any ideas in your head, I’ve never been to a bachelor party like the type they show in movies, and I don’t intend to go to one like that, but most of my friends wouldn’t have one like that anyway.

We went to dinner, took a ride in the Chicken Limo (http://www.chickenlimo.com/index2.php), went to a cigar/martini bar, and back to the hotel for a whiskey training (a tasting of several whiskeys — mostly bourbons and scotches — with educational content as well that was really interesting) and some poker.

I didn’t get to bed until about 3:30, and I got up at 6:00… and I had about half an hour in there where I was awake.

Work was tough today, and I have to go in tomorrow for a while, too.

The summary: too busy last night to write a post, and too unbelievably tired tonight to do one with any “good” content.

Hopefully this weekend will see some better blogging.

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One Response to Missed a post, and a night’s sleep.

  1. abjectbooks says:

    The chicken limo link made up for it in my opinion…

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