A case of the kabonks

Sage, it feels like you’re growing up so quickly day by day this month that I just don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until the monthly updates to talk about your new developments.

Also, the developments are happening in stages — but rapid stages — so if one day I talk about you starting to do one thing, by the next week you’ve mastered it and you’re moving on to the next stage.

Today, you put a whole bunch of your puffs into your mouth (one at a time, mostly) on your own without help. Just last week, you were barely getting a couple during a sitting.

You’ve figured out crawling backwards a bit.

You’re FAST at crawling now. You can be halfway to something you can’t have before I’ve managed to get up out of my chair.

You’ve started to try to share things. You put a toy to your mouth while I was holding you. I made the OMNOMNOMNOM noise, and you stopped and held it out to my mouth instead of your own.

You’ve even started trying to share with Chelle. You don’t seem to realize that Chelle is a dog and shouldn’t have your toys. It’s also a little dangerous for you to be near Chelle because you don’t understand how softly to pet. You grab and yank fur, especially near her mouth. I’m terrified that she may snap at you one of these days, so I try to keep you away. Sometimes if you’re petting her back or belly, I’ll let it go for a while… and when you stop, Chelle tries to scratch you to get your attention so you’ll start again. The two of you absolutely adore each other, but one of you is going to accidentally hurt the other.

But the thing that gets me the most — the thing I really want to end — is that you can’t quite gauge how close you are to the thing you’re crawling for. You stop just a bit too far away, and you start reaching out, and leaning, and leaning, and leeeeeaning…

And sometimes you face-plant. Sometimes, that face-plant isn’t ontot he floor, but is into the toy. In fact, while I’ve been writing this, you kabonked into your favorite music toy. You kabonked it earlier this evening, too, and this second one was on the same spot as the first. You’re probably going to have a bruise or a small welt. And yet you’re still pushing to make it happen. You WILL reach what you want to reach, no matter how many kabonks you suffer.

I think it’s very likely that every kabonk you have is worse on me than it is on you.

I can’t take this. I’m going to wrap everything in bubble wrap and fit you for a Nerf helmet.

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