Add One Letter

Movies that wouldn’t have done quite as well:
Pewter Pan
Beauty and then Beast
The Goodfather
All the King’s Menu
My Fakir Lady
Chariots of Fibre
Grain Man
Deriving Miss Daisy
The Fartist
Star Warts

TV Shows that might have ended sooner:
L.A. Lawn
Father Knows Beast
Cagney & Lackey
The Wounder Years
The X-Filets
Spain City
Breaking Bard
Days of Our Livers
Call My Children

Performers who might not have landed a job:
Tomb Cruise
Braid Pitt
Bean Kingsley
Dusting Hoffman
Peter Smellers
Skate Winslet
Glenn Closet
Whoopsi Goldberg
Better Midler
Carol Kanye

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3 Responses to Add One Letter

  1. Lummox JR says:

    The Princess Bridle
    Fart and Away
    Combing to America
    Diet Hard
    Ben Hurt
    The Tent Commandments
    Severn Brides for Seven Brothers
    The Irony Giant

  2. Br.Bill says:

    The Dark Knight Rinses
    Romancing the Stoner
    The Fabulous Bakery Boys
    Raiders of the Lost Park
    Dr. Stranglelove
    Annie Shall
    Toe Kill a Mockingbird
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kind
    Shaving Private Ryan
    Henry VD
    Dr. Nod
    Tom Horny

  3. Br.Bill says:

    And let’s not forget:

    The Old Man and the Seal
    First of Fury
    Apocalypse Snow
    Maid Max
    This is Spinal Tape
    Slap Short
    Corn Air
    Mean in Black
    Gout of Africa

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