Time for some good old Randomosity

Where blog post ideas come to die… Randomosity.

-I like wearing suits, but I hate that they get uncomfortable within an hour.

-There was this one song I used to hear every now and then — I couldn’t even tell you where — and, like most songs, I couldn’t understand the words. (Not just the content, mind you — I literally couldn’t make sense of the audio input and the lyrics were incomplete in my head.) I assumed that it must have a really awesome message, because the first line sounded like “Anywhere you go…” or “Everywhere you go…” and I figured maybe it was something like “I will always love you” or “you’ll find your future” or something that would seem really deep to an adolescent. And so when I found out it was “…always take the weather with you,” I was really disappointed.

-I need a “buy me a beer” bar trick.

-Have you noticed how many songs are questions? I wonder why, when I was convinced I was going to be a songwriter, I never wrote any question songs.

-I called another insurance company today. Their hold music told me that Jesus was perfect. That really surprised me.

-If I’m ever filthy rich, I’m paying stupid money to have a private Steak ‘n Shake installed on my property. Because I could go for that RIGHT NOW.

-Every day I’m one step closer to shaving off my facial hair. Except the past three times I’ve done it, I haven’t liked it.

-I’m scared to go back and watch any Star Trek: the Next Generation for fear that it won’t be as wonderful as I remember it being.

-I’ve never made a snowman (at least not that I can remember… I assume maybe at some point when I was a kid I helped out with one, but I don’t recall it). And I don’t really understand how they’re made. I GREW UP IN SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, PEOPLE.

-I haven’t been to the circus in decades. I don’t know why that is.

-I need to get writing fiction again. It’s been too long.

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